Holly berries or pink peppercorns?



The pink peppercorns that adorn (often high-priced) wreaths during this time of year and are sold as a culinary spice are the fruits of the pernicious invasive pest plant, Brazilian pepper (Schinus terebinthifolious).

They are not Florida holly berries. The red berried native holly at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area is dahoon holly (Ilex cassine). Note the different way that these berries are borne …
!Ilex-cassine-(3)You will find a few dahoon hollies growing along the hammock loop trail in moist spots, as well as on the south side of Oslo Road where the dry, sandy scrub drains to lower ground …

!ilex-cassine-2A bit of silver blue saw palmetto frond is just visible behind this holly photographed on the edge of the scrub.

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