Flying Zebras

!zebra-longwing---james-martellottiPlease enjoy these gorgeous photos of zebra longing butterflies photographed at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area by James Martellotti. His wife, Eiko, participated in our 2013 class and brought her husband on the last free guided nature walk of 2013 led by Ken Gonyo, who is pictured below with Eiko, dressed for fun in the sun, at the 11-30-2013 walk at Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge led by Ken and Nancy Soucy
!ken-&-eiko-on-11-30-2013-@-pinwrJames returned to the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area – after the guided walk – to capture these zebra longing photos, including some of nectaring on hairy leafcup (Smallanthus uvedalius) …
!zebra-lwing-on-leafcup---james-marteollottiThank you to James for sharing these marvelous images!

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