3 leaves – Don’t let it be

!bischofia-javanica-leavesThis invasive pest plant, Bishopwood (Bischofia javanica), has trifoliate leaves with toothed margins and has been growing at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area for a long time based on the size of the tree and its trunk …

Also commonly known as the toog tree, this fast-growing invasive pest tree with copious fruits was introduced as an ornamental plant in the early 1900’s. In 1974, Julia Morton noted that this tree had become a weed in Dade County. Because this plant is freeze-sensitive, it has not been widely used as an ornamental in Indian River County, but birds likely has brought it to us. According to Dr. Ken Langeland, this plant invades cypress swamps and hardwood hammocks. It recently ‘volunteered’ in the yard of Drs. Juanita and Richard Baker along the Sebastian River.

Be on the look-out for this invasive plant that is uncommon in Indian River County. Let’s remove the seedlings as soon as we can — before we are looking up from under its canopy …
!bischofia-leaf-undersidesThank you to Diane LaRue and Ken Gonyo for showing me this ‘big one’ located in the northwest corner of the Preserve on a trail not open to the public. Yes, there are seedlings, too.

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