Marvelous mycelium

Dr. Jay Barnhart, a self-described mycophile, gave a marvelous, updated What Fungus is Among Us? talk on Saturday, November 15, in the Boathouse of the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory followed by a mushroom-seeking walk. We did not find any mushrooms. The closest that we got was the mycelium, the white thread-like hairs that are the vegetative past of a fungus, on a dead branch pictured above.

We did see some mighty fine shiny-leaved wild coffee (Psychotria nervosa) in full fruit …
… and some healthy tank bromeliads, including this green wild pine (Tillandia utriculata) in the crotch of a large Florida privet (Forestiera segregata) …
Dr. Barhart’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and sense of humor was much-enjoyed …


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