Clowning Around

Bob Bruce, Ken Gonyo, and Jean ‘JJ’ Romano are pictured above “clowning around” at the soon-to-be-ready Audubon House, after working on invasive pest plants there. The Audubon House property includes a swath of hammock with many of the same invaders as found at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area: Air potato (Dioscorea bulbifera), Brazilian pepper (Schnius terebinthifolius), Casarweed (Urena lobata), and copious clusters of shoebutton ardisia (Ardisia elliptica).

It was heartening to see shoebutton ardisia that Ken had treated with herbicide about one month ago beginning to yellow & expire …


The fruit,s we now know, remain viable, due to an experiment conducted by Diane LaRue. She discovered that the fruits from herbicide treated plants do germinate, albeit a week later, which make removing the berries a priority activity.

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