“Good” Graffiti

!ORCA mosquito control kiosk1 copy
On the mosquito control dike at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area is an educational kiosk that also provides a bit of shade.

It was the victim of vandalism and not-so-nice graffiti. Indian River Mosquito Control District rebuilt the kiosk, and Dr. Jorge Rey, Interim Director of the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory, and his assistant Sheila Yanno are re-vamping the educational posters.

In the meantime, folks enterprising enough to bring along chalk have provided some “good” graffiti …

!ORCA mosquito control kiosk2 copy

So, it was a pleasure to see family-friendly chalk-art at the kiosk on the 2015 volunteer class walk on January 31 and to look forward to the future installation of new educational information!

orca oak cannopu 1-31-2015 copy

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