Tank of a (Tourist) Tree

Gumbo limbo (Bursera simarouba) grows to grand size at the Brevard Barrier Island Sanctuary and Education Center (BIC) where the warming influence of water moderates temperature extremes. Because of its reddish, peeling bark, gumbo limbo also is known as the tourist tree. Gumbo limbo reportedly means “slave’s birdlime”; The resinous, sticky sap of this tree was smeared on tree branches to ensnare birds (for consumption).

Just a few of these tropical trees are present at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area, likely brought by birds since the Hard Freeze of 1989 that completely killed many freeze sensitive plants and killed the above-ground portions of mangroves, Brazilian pepper (Schinus terebinthifolius), and many other plants.

Gumbo limbo bears fruit in late fall or early winter and is shown below in a picture taken at the BIC on 11-13-2011 on walk led by Karen Schuster (Class of 2009).
Below Judy Orcutt (Class of 2011) provides scale …

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