Spring Flowers & Fruits


Flowers & fruits sprung forth on our spring field trip to the Brevard Barrier island Sanctuary and Education Center on 3/28/2015 led by Karen Schuster. Marsh beggaticks (Bidens mitis), also known as Spanish needles, burr marigold, and small fruit beggarrticks, was a bright surprise. Not nearly as common as “common beggarticks” (Bidens alba), this marsh-edge wetland plant also hitchhikes itself around.

White stopper (Eugenia axillaris) was full of fruits …
White indigo berry (Randia aculeata) and marlberry (Ardisia escalloniodies) posed together…

The brightest show was put on by coralbean (Erythrina herbacea) shown here in a picture shared by Karen Schuster.
!erythrina herbacaea by KS copy

You can see pictures of its fruits at Archbold Biological Station taken by Bob Montanaro on his website, as well as a picture of common beggarticks.

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