NJ Yard Art

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When I was growing up in New Jersey, our neighbors, the Chiristoffers family, always had a gorgeous yard and gardened daily in their rock garden, beds of award-winning chrysanthemums, and throughout their yard. Recently, Bob and I had the opportunity to dine with Kurt and Fionna Christoffers on their garden deck and were enchanted with their Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) display …
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What an artful way to ‘train’ Virginia creeper and avoid its unintended consequences on wooden or painted surfaces. Their floral artistry is evident not only in their yard but in their business, Christoffers Flowers.

Virginia creeper ‘climbs’ long with pads of tendrils that can leave a tell-tale history behind …
An attractive fast-growing vine, Virginia creeper has 5 leaflets not to be confused with the 3 leaflets of poison ivy (Toxicondendron radicans).
Florida gardening sure is different …
kurt yard2 copy
kurt yard3 copy
Growing up next door to the Christoffers inspired my interest in and love of gardening. Here in Florida, our Virginia creeper circular display will fill in even faster.

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