Great Greenway Walk

!ken-gonyo-3-at-trwt-dockKen Gonyo (Class of 2012), shown above in a favorite photo, led a special walk at the (Indian River) Lagoon Greenway on 11-28-2015 for veteran volunteers. The weather was wonderful, and the breeze was especially bounteous at the overlook on the Indian River Lagoon. Participants included Dick Atkinson, Desha & Richard Baker, Judy Filipich, Donna Halleran, Trich Kruza, Sharon Marable, Felicity Rask, Jean ‘JJ’ & Frank Romano, Nancy Soucy and Susan Warmer.


The new boardwalk is beautiful & long. Below Nancy Soucy (Class of 2010) provides scale as she peers into the extensive mangroves that line the boardwalk.

!!!!nancy-soucy-&-boardwalkOff of the main boardwalk is a platform overlooking the mosquito control impoundment.

!!!!!impoundment-overlookNo birds were here, but in an area recently cleared of Brazilian pepper (Schinus terebinthifolious), wading birds including a roseate spoonbill & great egret were feeding.


On the other side of the mosquito control impoundment dike, Felcity Rask (Class of 2015) spotted a tricolor heron amongst the mangroves.

!!!!tricolor-heron4!!!!tricolor-heron2Ken spoke about ongoing efforts to control invasive pest plants on the property, especially coralberry (Ardisia crenata), and he pointed out a specimen that had been de-berried & cut back to the ground last year and treated with herbicide recently.

!!!!ardisia-crenata-sprayed2Note the wilting new growth – evidence of the herbicide at work.

Ken hopes to recruit more volunteers, especially the Big-Footed Fellow.


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