Have You Seen Me?

Dr. Jon Moore, Florida Atlantic University Professor of Biology, who spoke to the volunteer class on 1/23/16 asked everyone to report diamond back terrapin sightings. Enjoy Bob Montanaro’s marvelous close-ups …

Range Tracking

A Diamondback Terrapin greeted visitors to the Indian River Lagoon Symposium held at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. The Terrapin was part of the Brevard Zoo exhibit and seemed a bit lonely as the sole occupant of the aquarium but became quite excited when anyone came close. A denizen of salty or brackish water, Terrapins are becoming rare to find due to habitat destruction and over harvesting. Defenders of Wildlife include road construction/road kill and drowning in crab traps as two more reasons Terrapin numbers are dwindling. Researchers are currently trying to figure out how many Terrapins are left in the Indian River Lagoon. Report any Terrapins you might see using the contact info in the last image below.

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