Horsing around

!!!!horseshoe crabs at bicLook very, very closely at this awful picture taken with a cell phone to see a pair of mating horseshoe crabs taken on the 4/17/2016 walk on a mosquito control dike at the Brevard Barrier Island Sanctuary and Education Center with  Deen Copeland, Sandy & Steve Dawdy, Ken Gonyo, Cindy Hersh, Felicity Rask, Nancy Soucy, and Donna Winter.

Decades ago, horseshoe crabs were quite common along the Indian River Lagoon but now are not abundant. Click here to report horseshoe spawning sightings to the Florida Wildlife & Conservation Commission.

Nancy Soucy (Class of 2010) shared much sharper “shots” …

horseshoe crab4 by ns copy

horseshoecrab3 by ns copy

horsesoe crab2 by ns copy

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