World Mosquito Day


Today, 8/20/2016, is not only National Honeybee Day. It also is World Mosquito Day.

Until the recent emergence of Zika virus in the western hemisphere, mosquito-borne disease has not garnered much media attention. Now, Zika is in our national & Florida news daily.

Initially, local transmission in Florida was thought to be limited to Wynwood, a mile-square area north of Miami. Now, transmission has been documented on Miami Beach, and the Center for Disease Control has issued an additional travel advisory for part of Miami Beach.

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With air conditioning, screens, and a centralized water supply, most U.S. residents are fortunate to be spared the devastation of many mosquito-borne diseases. Malaria, a protozoan parasite transmitted by Anopheline mosquitoes, afflicts from 350 to 500 million people worldwide each year. More than 1 million people, mostly young children in sub-Sahara Africa and Asia, die of malaria each year.

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