Rough hedgehyssop

Rough hedgehyssop (Sophronanthe hispida) is a tiny perennial plant that grows in dry pine flatwoods in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.  It is endemic to the coastal plain of the southeastern U.S.

Look carefully to find this white-flowered plant growing along the entry trail at the south Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area, which last year was filled with the yellow-flowered annual semi parasite, Piedmont blacksenna (Seymeria pectinata).

The leaves of this tiny plant are opposite, linear, firm and hairy.  Its species name, hispida, means hairy.

Its flowers are less than 1/2″ across, have 4 petals, stalkless, and salver-shaped.  The genus name, Sophronanthe, means modest flower.  Flowering occurs from the spring though the fall.

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