Beautiful Blue Curls

Donna Winter (Class of 2016) sent this marvelous close-up of a forked bluecurls (Trichostema dichotomum) flower that we saw at the Wabasso Scrub on a 11/11/2018 early morning visit led by Jane Schnee (Class of 2010).    This plant is an “early bird”.  Its flowers begin to shrivel by the afternoon.

Its genus name, Trichostema, means hairy stamen, and its species name, dichotomum, means divided or forked in pairs.

Forked bluecurls grows in dry, sunny  places including the beach, scrub, and scrubby pine flatwoods.  An annual, this plant produces a prodigious amount of seed, which has allowed it to remain at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area in sunny, sandy open spots in the scrubby pine flatwoods.  Usually, it is less than one foot tall, though it may grow taller wen shaded.

Bees pollinate this pretty plant.

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