Invasive Species Awareness Week: Insects?

The Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory Volunteer Nature Stewardship Program started to “celebrate” National Invasive Species Week a bit early on 2/16/2019 with a talk by Dr. Amanda Hodges, University of Florida Associate Extension Scientist & Doctor of Plant Medicine Program Director, pictured above in a photo taken by Bob Montanaro.  She spoke about Invasive Insect Species and Florida’s Landscape and Natural Areas and shared copies of the UF/Institute of Food and Agricultural Science/UF Identification Guide to Florida’s Invasive Plant-Pests.  Copies of this publication can be purchased from the UF/IFAS on-line bookstore.

She emphasized the importance of early detection for limiting the damage or, in a few cases, eliminating the pest like the Giant African land snail pictured below in another photo by Bob Montanaro.  To learn more about early detection efforts, visit Florida First Detector.

The 2019 National Invasive Species Week runs from February 25 through March 3.

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