Weeds of Wednesday: Twoleaf Nightshade

Twoleaf nightshade (Solanum diphyllum) produces lots and lots of fruits.  Each dime-sized fruit ripens to be orange-yellow and contains lots of tiny, tan, flat, kidney-shaped seeds that can produce lots of seedlings …

The common name for this plant and its species, diphyllum, reference the two sized/shaped leaves found on reproductive branches.

Twoleaf nightshade is a Category #2 invasive pest plants, according to the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council (FLEPPC).  In some spots along the St. Sebastian River, monocultures of this plant make me wonder about this categorization.  This plant is prevalent along the trail edges at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area (ORCA) and may be brought to your yard by birds.

It easily can be pulled up as a seedling …

Once it reaches a more mature size and gets a woody trunk, it can be far harder to remove.

In shady conditions, it can grow to be a smallish tree (to 6′ or so).  It is shown above at the Ansin Tract Conservation Area, where moist soils allow it to thrive.

Visit BugwoodWiki, the “Wikipedia” for invasive pests, for more information.

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