Wednesday Weed: Bushy bluestem?

Bushy bluestem (Andropogon glomeratus) is a common native bunchgrass of moist or somewhat moist sunny places.  Also known as broom sedge (a definite misnomer) and bushy beardgrass, this somewhat weedy grass often goes unnoticed until late summer when it is festooned with feathery plumes.  Later in the fall, the sheaths turn a distinctive salmon-organge coloer.

You frequently will see this native grass colonizing roadsides and disturbed areas.  Restoration expert Nancy Bissett, who planted the pollinator garden and habitat restorations at Bok Tower Garden, cautions about using bushy bluestem in landscapes and restorations due to its tendency to overtake.

It can grow to be more than 6′ tall, too. as seen at Captain Forster Preserve ..

We have seen it in a variety of natural areas including Cypress Bend Community Preserve (note the St. Sebastian River in the back ground of the picture) …

At the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area, we see it along Oslo Road, on mosquito control dikes, and in other disturbed places.  While beautiful in the fall and native, this bunchgrass is considered a weed by many.

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