Pretty (White) Peacock 2

Karen Schuster (Class of 2009) shared the photo above of a white peacock butterfly that she took on our walk led by Donna Winter (Class of 2016) on 11/24/2019 at the Indian River Lagoon Greenway.  This brush-footed butterfly often is found in moist areas and disturbed places.

At the IRL Greenway, we saw mats of its favorite larval food, herb-of-grace (Bacopa monnieri)  pictured below …

Also known as water hyssop, this plant frequently grows in moist places at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area.   This plant is used medicinally to improve cognitive function.

When you see this plant, expect to see white peacock butterflies,  When you see white peacock butterflies, expect to see herb-of-grace or it other larval host plant, frogfruit (Phyla nodiflora).

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