One of the World’s Worst Weeds

Cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) is regarded as one of the world’s worst weeds. Its inflorescence is fluffy (plumose) as pictured above.

We encountered this pernicious plant at the Cypress Bend Community Preserve this spring in flower. Volunteer Ken Gonyo took note of its distinctive yellow-green appearance, off-center midrib, and serrated leaf margins. So, when he saw it at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area very recently, he was able to identify it and acted quickly.

Recently, he sent this photo of the results of his handiwork with herbicide …


Kudos and thanks to Ken!


    1. I treated this Cogongrass with dilute 3% glyphosate. I am surprised at the quick die off at that dilution, but aggressive followup will continue.


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