That Fungus is Galling!

exobasidium-on-lyonia-fruticosaDr. Jay Barnhart, retired Miami Dade forensic pathologist and self-described mycophile, gave a marvelous talk for the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory – Pelican Island Audubon Society volunteer group entitled, What is this Fungus Among Us? Class began with an impressive show & tell table …
!show-&-tell-atbel-2With deft humor and fabulous photos, Dr. Barnhart told us about the morphology of mushrooms and their life cycle and identified many mysterious natural oddities including slime mold (which we saw on our walk), lichens, and galls caused by fungi.

Galls can be made by a variety of living organisms, including insects, mites, nematode, bacteria & even fungi like this grand-looking gall on coastal plain staggerbush (Lyonia fruticosa) caused by the fungus, Exobasidium vaccinea
exobasidium-on-lyonia-fruticosaDiane LaRue and Jean ‘JJ’ Romano were very pleased that Dr. Barnhart identified some of the fungi that they see ‘off the beaten path’, when they work to control invasive plants at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area …

Dr. Barnhart recommended the mushroom expert website and offered to asset with ID if you would like to send him pictures.

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