White stop-per

Between the wetland crossover bridges at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area, white stopper (Eugenia axillaris) now flourishes. Its common name refers to its white trunks pictured above. Stopper purportedly refers to its medicinal use to stop diarrhea or, perhaps, to the fact that thickets like the one pictured above thwarted or ‘stopped’ the progress of early explorers.

White stopper is tolerant of temporary inundation by salt water due to storm surge or seasonal high tides, so it has ‘taken over’ in this area that sometimes is soggy. Its growth habit is tall and slender even in full sun.

Flowering and fruiting takes place throughout the year, as is common with tropical plants. The fruits are eaten by birds and other wildlife …

New growth can be an attractive reddish color …
eugenia axillaris - red leaves
White stopper grows to be about 20′ tall and would make an excellent landscape plant for a freeze-protected location with (usually) well-drained soil.

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