Looking back, onward & upward …

Hard to believe that Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory  will be offering the nineteenth volunteer nature stewardship class this year beginning on Saturday, January 24, 2015. Pictured above is the class of 2001 in one of my very favorite photos taken by Fergie Peters.

Ongoing educational opportunities for class ‘veterans’ always have been a priority, and many experts have generously shared their knowledge and time, including Dr. Marc Minno shown below leading a butterfly walk in 2005. To them, we owe much thanks and look forward to continuing the tradition of ‘rewarding’ our veteran volunteers with the means to learn more.
Though the core class changes somewhat each year, the fundamental structure and many of the teachers have remained the same, including:

… a ‘dike’ hike (Class of 2013 shown at Observation Tower) …
… life in the pits and treetops (shown in 2012) …
… a south Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area scrub walk (shown in 2013 & 2014) …
ORCA class photo 2-22-2014 copy
And, thank you especially to all of the volunteers who have graced our class and continue to do so.

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