Sun or shade lover?

Hammock plants are the most widely used native plants for landscaping, and some of them — like wild coffee (Psychotria nervosa) and saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) — are quite versatile. Shiny-leaved wild coffee thrives under an oak canopy in hammock shade but also is found growing naturally in full sun, as pictured above with saw palmetto at the Brevard County Barrier Island Sanctuary.

Saw palmetto is endemic to (only occurs naturally in) the southeastern United States, and the silver-blue saw palmetto occurs naturally only on the southeast coast of Florida. This sultry silver blue ‘variety’ is used as a landscape plant throughout the state for its unique coloration …

Serenoa repens - sliver blue w golden unripe fruits #2 copy

This silver blue fronds contrast with the golden unripe fruits in the picture above, taken at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation area. Often, green and silver blue saw palmettos grow right next to one another.

Both wild coffee and saw palmetto are great plants for wildlife.

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