Wonderful walk!

The weather could not have been better for 2015 FMEL – PIAS volunteer class walk to the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area Observation Tower. Ducks, a little blue heron, a reddish egret and a bunch of blue crabs delighted the group.

Fresh new growth adorned the giant leather fern (Acrostichum danaeifolium ) at the first wetland crossover bridge, shown below with Diane Larue (Class of 2012) providing scale …


The quill-leaved wild pines (Tillandsia setacea) were abundant, and these epiphytes evoked much interest as they did on the first walk …


Special thanks to Don Schuster (Class of 2009) pictured below, well-outfitted, for the sunny conditions on the Observation Tower …


Don waited patiently for his wife Karen shown below with the other last-to-return ladies Marilyn Crank and Diane Larue.


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