White & indigo

Very variable shaped leaves characterize white indigo berry (Randia acuelata). Often, it is found growing landward of the mangroves on mosquito control dikes, as pictured above, just a bit north of where the wetland crossover bridge meets the dike at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area.

White indigo berry does have a distinctive branching pattern:  Check out the 60 degree angle between the branches and the main stem …


White indigo berry gets its common name from its fruits. A white outer covering encases a dark indigo pulp (that sometimes shows through as in the picture below) full of tiny flat seeds …


Birds and other wildlife consume its white – indigo berries, and new plants are “born” even in challenging locations like mosquito control dikes. White indigo berry also can be found in the maritime hammocks on the back side of the beach dunes and throughout eastern indian River County.

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