Fabulous fiddlewood

citharexylum w pepper copy
The fabulous fiddlewood (Citharexylum spinosum) pictured above in the landscape at the (Pelican Island) Audubon House was donated by Deb and Dan Farley (Class of 2015). Pepper the dog was very interested in having her picture taken, too.

Fast growing fiddlewood becomes a small tree or large round shrub, sometimes reaching 25′ tall. Brevard County is the northern limit of the range of this tropical plant. Fiddlewood is part of on our beach dunes flora, where temperatures are warmer than inland.
Racemes of fragrant white flowers already adorn the fiddlewood that Dan planted on 10-14-15. Racemes are spikes of flowers that ripen from the stem to the tip. Bees, butterflies & other pollinators visit these small flowers. Flowering occurs throughout most of the year, especially during the summer. Flowering & fruiting often is simultaneous.

Glossy berries that ripen from green to gold to orange to blue-black will follow on female plants. Birds and other wildlife consume and spread the fruits.
Upon establishment, fiddlewood is quite drought-tolerant and makes an excellent landscape plant for sunny locations, as shown below in the yard of Susan Warmer (Class of 2006).

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