Tale of 2 Trams

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Special thanks to Russ Bell (Class of 2014) and Doug Sutherland (Class of 2013) for leading a special Saturday morning tram tour for our group at Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge on 3/19/2016. We visited the viewing “pond”, the Centennial Trail, and the Joe Michael Overlook pictured above.

Doug remarked that we were lucky to see more blue-winged teal than had been present this year at the viewing pond …


Our trip began with bright blue skies …


… and began to grey as we approached the Centennial Trail …



Russ shared that the Centennial Trail will be closed for renovations beginning in mid-April. Pollinators abounded on two flowering plants along the boardwalk …

… Hercules club (Zanthoxylum clava-herculis) …


… and bodacious poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) …


As the weather darkened even more, we headed to the Joe Michael Overlook with its viewing platform at Pete’s Impoundment, one of two mosquito control impoundments within the confines of the Refuge, where we were treated to a display of shorebirds, including this ruddy turnstone …


Rain drops were beginning to fall, as wonderful volunteers Doug and Russ returned us to the parking lot.


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