National Mosquito Control Awareness Week 2016

National Mosquito Control Awareness Week runs from June 26 to July 2, 2016. The spread of Zika virus has increased concern about mosquito-borne disease.

Dr. Roxanne Connelly, Extension Medical Entomologist, Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory (FMEL), gave a Zika update at the Subcommittee on Managed Marshes meeting today in the FMEL Boathouse. She emphasized that Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus, the mosquitoes transmit Zika virus, as well as dengue & chikungunya, breed in containers — not in the ditches and wetlands along the path to the Boathouse.
boathouse sign

These mosquito species do breed in “natural” containers, including the red wild pine (Tillandsia fasciculata) flowering high up in an oak tree at the very beginning of the trail to the Boathouse.
Click here to learn more about Zika in a fact sheet published on 2/6/2016 by Dr. Connelly and, among others, Dr. Jorge Rey and Dr. Nathan Burkett-Cadena, who both spoke at the 2016 FMEL – PIAS Volunteer Nature Stewardship class.

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