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Big, Bulky Bombus

This big, bulky bumblebee (Bombus sp.) is enjoying nectaring on its namesake bee balm (Monarda punctuata) in yet another wonderful pollinator photograph taken by Pelican Island Audubon Society Office Manager Bob Montanaro at (Pelican Island) Audubon House. Look closely to see yellow grain sod pollen […]

Carpenter Bee on Bee Balm

Bee balm (Monarda punctuata) attracts butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. Look how pollen from the anthers of the bee balm sticks to the top of this bulky, native southern carpenter bee (Xylocopa micans), easily identified by its ‘shiny hiney‘. This carpenter bee methodically moved from […]

Planting Day #2 at Audubon House

Thanks to Susan Boyd, Judith Filipich, Ellie Klebonis, Doreen Mcleod, Cee Peterson, Woodrow Peterson, Lorraine Sutherland & Peter Sutherland for working very hard in the landscape at the Audubon House on Saturday, 6-13-2015. Look at the mound of heaped weeds cleared for planting of Fakahatchee […]