Captain Forster


The weather was wonderful for an afternoon walk at Captain Forster Preserve on Saturday, March 5. Smiles abound at the end of the main trail at the Atlantic Ocean.


Special thanks to Janie Gould (Class of 2016) who researched — and shared — some of the the history of the Preserve at the beginning of our walk in the parking lot on Jungle Trail, while we checked the vestiges of an old homestead …


After our walk to the ocean, many of us delighted in the awesome annual hospitality of Joyce (Class of 2008) and Dave Thompson (pictured below) …


Dave showed escorted many of us form the main trail to a “secret” trail through a handsome hammock of simpsons stopper (Myrcianthes fragrans) …


This plant is much less ubiquitous at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area. A few large specimens can be found a bit “off of the beaten path”. The landscape specimens in the parking lot flowered during January of this year.


Also known as nakedwood stopper for reasons seen above, this plant is quite attractive to pollinators and has its own gall-makers.


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