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IRMA-ed #1: Cabbage Palms & Oaks

Hurricane Irma, a strong storm of epic size, battered Indian River County on September 9 and September 10. The good news: The large live oaks (Quercus virginiana) at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area (ORCA) stood strong, unlike in 2004 when the sinister “sister storms” — […]

Throwback Thursday: Hurricanes & Hammocks

Hammocks & all habitats in Florida are hurricane-adapted. The plants at Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area (ORCA) weathered Hurricane Matthew in 2016 with little damage, save the loss of leaves & small limbs on live oaks (Quercus virginiana), the time-tested hurricane adaption of these iconic hammock […]

Throwback Thursday: Aftermath of the Sister Storms

Hurricanes like fire are defining part of the natural history of Florida’s ecosystems. Today, June 1, 2017, marks the beginning of the annual Hurricane Season. The sister storms of 2004 dramatically altered the constitution of the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area. Hurricane Frances landed near Stuart […]

Planting Thanks!

The red-bellied woodpeckers were out and in of the dead cabbage palm (Sabal palmetto), as we installed the rest of the plants salvaged from the building site at the (Pelican Island) Audubon House.┬áMany thanks to Deen Copeland, Judith Filipich, Steve Goff, Darlene Halliday, Cindy Hersh, […]

Bluestem at Bok

The Central Florida Palm and Cycad Society met at Bok Tower Gardens on 12/12/2015, and Karen Schuster (Class of 2009), John Kennedy, Bob Montanaro (Class of 2005) & Janice Broda very much enjoyed the meeting. Click here to see the beautiful photographs that Bob posted […]

Well-used Sabal & More Meanderings

Well-used is the way that Karen Schuster (Class of 2008) described this cabbage palm (Sabal palmetto) that she photographed on our walk on the stout boardwalk at Spoonbill Marsh on 11/7/15. Woodpeckers are likely among the critters that have called this palm trunk home. Bob […]

Swirled filaments & costapalmate

Scrub palmetto (Sabal etonia), shown above flourishing in the frequently burned scrub at Archbold Biological Station along with rusty staggerbush (Lyonia ferruginea), is a Florida endemic. It does not seem to be present at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area. Scrub palmetto, pictured above, has coastapalmate […]

Sabal & sea level rise

When the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory – Pelican Island Audubon Society volunteer class began in the Fall of 1998, the stand of cabbage palms (Sabal palmetto) pictured above was alive. Thank you to Karen Schuster (Class of 2009) for this picture of this stand of […]

Strings of fern ?

Shoestring fern (Vittaria lineata) is another epiphyte that is found growing at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area. This primitive fern with stringy foliage is found almost exclusively growing in association with ‘boots’ — old leafstems — of cabbage palms (Sabal palmetto) in moist places. This […]

Vivacious viceroy

The cooler weather has brought out lots of butterflies out to play. When Bob Montanaro and I took a walk at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area to take photographs to use for the upcoming 2015 volunteer stewardship class, we saw zebra longwing, gulf fritillary, mangrove […]